E-Commerce: A Growing Business

By: Pengesia0212, Nov 2016


What is e-Commerce?

Book says it’s “The act of selling and purchasing goods and/or services through electronic channels is known as E-Commerce”.

The use of e-Commerce flourished along with the increased availability of the Internet. E-Commerce has advanced through the years, much like any other digital technology purchasing market.

Why is e-Commerce growing?

First of all, e-Commerce attracts much more consumers than in an actual shop. E-Commerce means consumers don’t need to go anywhere to get groceries or gifts. That means you can get your colleague brand-new neckwear for her birthday or maybe baby clothes for your newborn nephew, in just a click of a button.

Another reason e-Commerce is growing so fast is that it’s at a much more reasonable price than running an actual shop. Things like renting a place, hiring employees or paying the electricity and water bills don’t come into mind.

How to make a great e-Commerce?

A reliable team and trust-able services are the most important elements in running best eCommerce business. You can’t meet face-to-face with “the shop assistant”. You can’t touch, fit or try the products. Word of mouth, ratings or testimonials is might be the reason you put the items into the cart.

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